February 24th, 2013
The Beginning Can Be Terrifying
 Starting off as a new artist in a new community can feel overwhelming.  I have had no business courses that would have prepared me for the real deal.  Plus moving a thousand miles from Kentucky to Colorado has me starting off from scratch with meeting others in the art field.   I have had success with the Mainstreet Fine Art Gallery in Evergreen and those who are members have been a great source of support.  Through the gallery I am starting to understand my weaknesses and strengths. My style of drawing seems to be an eye catching approach which is very uplifting for any artist.  My weakness though is the social media.  This blog has been staring at me for months.  All I have done is stare back with so much to say but no idea where to begin.  So here it is, the first post of the year.  I am terribly nervous about it.  It is important that I do write to you.  My art is a part of me but who will know the true depth of the piece if I do not let you into my world?  This is why I am swallowing my fear and allowing you to see me at my most vulnerable.  My friends, here is the key to the door.

In May, I will be a featured artist at the Mainstreet Fine Art Gallery.  This means I need to compile a series of drawings that speak to one another.  Although I could just make my style the cohesive glue, I feel you and I deserve more.  I sense that there needs to be something beyond the paper.  Where it needs to go, I do not know.  Perhaps meditating will give a clearer direction.  It was so easy to make a series in college when a professor would hold your hand along the way.  Now I must hold my own hand.  I will keep you posted with my thoughts and sketches which hopefully will start to follow a path.      
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