July 12th, 2013
Teaching, Art Festivals, and New Art, OH MY!
 I have started to explore the world of teaching.  It amazes me that there are not many drawing artists around here.  Oil and watercolor tend to dominate from what I can see and seem to be one of the leading classes.  My trials have been with children who have a beautiful imagination and desire to absorb.  By using Ken Hultgren's, "The Art of Drawing Animals" I have had great joy expanding what I know to others.  The future will probably contain group classes. 

On another note; I will be getting ready for the Evergreen Fine Arts Festival on August 24th and 25th.  It will be my first booth, festival show. :O It will be absolutely terrifying, yet amazing.  Two days living in a tent with my most precious drawings. The drawings will be from the Colorado Wildlife series and the new aquatic series.  I don't have pictures posted of the aquatic yet but will start showing some progress here soon.  
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