March 10th, 2013
Allow Me To Ruffle Your Feathers
Time flies when you are having fun.  It also goes by fast when you have a deadline.  I feel as if yesterday we were finishing up January but here we are well into March.  I have my featured artist show coming up in May and I must have at least 10 pieces scanned and framed before then.  Although it does not seem too bad, my direction for those pieces has taken some time figuring out.  Even though it has been a slow start, I am happy with the outcome of the art thus far.  Here is some information about one of the pieces:

I never knew how many intricate designs could be found in the feathers of a hawk.  Each feather can have a different composition, especially moving towards the wing tips and on the breast.   This proved to be challenging and demanded great attention to detail.  Luckily a couple months ago I snapped several photos of a red tailed hawk in my backyard.  I plan on composing two pieces with the photographs.  This pose was chosen because it shows you something different.  A blue jay just swooped by and ruffled this guy’s feathers.  It was a fun show to watch since I was not the victim.  However, the hawk was not amused and swiftly took off.  This allowed me to take some great flight photos which I am working with now.  The art here still has some detail to smooth out but I hope you enjoy.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Red Tailed Hawk









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